Healthy Meals for Real Life

Learn how-to plan, stock and flip simple ingredients into nourishing meals - even when you’re busy!

How many times have you thought...

What should I cook?

What if I don't have time?

What if it doesn't taste good?

And what exactly is healthy anyway?


Here's a secret: its easier than you think!

With just a few simple ingredients + time saving shortcuts, it's possible to finally feel confident about eating well!

We created Healthy Meals for Real Life to help you create more joy and less stress in the kitchen - using the same methods we use as nutrition professionals in our own busy homes each week.

When it comes to eating healthy, we believe in using everyday ingredients to BOOST your meals rather than taking foods AWAY. But, even more importantly, it has to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Our step-by-step online course will help you go from wondering what to eat to becoming a master of flipping everyday ingredients into amazing healthy meals.

This course is great for anyone who is...

  • Crunched for time, juggling it all and trying to eat healthy
  • Tired of drive-thru or meal delivery when weeknight planning fails
  • Looking for inspiration and ideas for healthy meals
  • Fed up with the diet roller coaster or feeling bad about what they eat

Here's What You'll Learn

the core ingredients to add to your meals each day

what items to keep on hand for quick mix + match style recipes

how to quickly + easily combine your favorite flavors and foods to maximize time + nutrition

shortcuts for saving time (and your sanity) shopping, planning and prepping meals for hectic schedules


Healthy Meals for Real Life Includes:

  • On demand + easy to digest instructional videos covering how-to:
    • Fit "healthy" into your busy lifestyle
    • Maximize your time planning, shopping and prepping meals
    • Quickly and easily create healthy meals even when you're busy

  • Downloadable tools, including:
    • Ultimate ingredient cheat sheet and customizable pantry list
    • Sample meal plans and simple templates to create your own
    • 15 customizable meal building formulas using ingredients from your pantry list
    • Over 30 easy healthy recipes (with recommendations for substitutions)
    • Hundreds of meal combo ideas to throw healthy meals together in no time
    • Extra time saving checklists and templates

Take a Peek Inside the Course

SECTION 1: Build Your Ideal Lifestyle

We simplify how to fit “healthy” into your busy lifestyle, including:

  • how-to choose the best items when shopping and still include your favorite foods
  • what items to keep on hand for easy mix + match style recipes
  • our tried-and-true simple formula for creating a healthy meal for any occasion
  • how-to set up your kitchen for success
  • how-to master more mindful eating habits

SECTION 2: Curate Your Ingredient Playlist

Keeping essential foods on-hand in your pantry, freezer and refrigerator helps save time planning, shopping and prepping healthy meals. Our master playlist includes everything you need to stock up on and can easily be customized based on your preferences. We'll provide all the templates and show you how-to curate your own playlist of ingredients to simplify healthy meals.

SECTION 3: Save Your Sanity

Discover how to save time and energy planning meals using real life recipes, quick mix + match meal ideas and back up plans for the inevitable schedule change. Plus, learn the shortcuts we use each week planning meals, shopping for groceries and prepping ingredients fast.

SECTION 4: Get Cooking

Get in the kitchen, turn on some tunes and put those skills to work! Pulling from your customized meal plans, ingredient playlist, favorite recipes, 30 of our go-to recipes or unlimited mix + match formulas, you’ll have a meal created in no time!

(total value $1,350)

Special Bonuses!

  • Opportunities to ask questions and get feedback during four virtual group coaching calls
  • Personal LAUNCH session o kickstart your personal Healthy Meals for Real Life masterplan

(a $675 value)

Your Instructors

Nicole + Lauren
Nicole + Lauren

Hi! We're Nicole and Lauren. Registered dietitian nutritionists and food lovers balancing work life and family life.

We know how hard it is trying to juggle it all, find some sort of work/life balance and still get a decent meal on the table.

We’ve spent over a decade working together behind the scenes in the food industry - as the culinary nutrition brains and taste buds behind some of the great tasting, healthy meals you may have tried at favorite restaurants or as part of popular meal plans.

Our mission is to add simple ingredients, flavor, and simplicity back into the daily routine to help you maximize your time in the kitchen, find more joy and stress less about what to eat!


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Doors open to the early access course the week of May 6th with Section 1. and a new section released each week thereafter. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
You'll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as we continue to run Healthy Meals for Real Life. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How does the personal launch session work?
We can schedule your virtual session anytime! After you enroll, we'll contact you to schedule your first 30 minute session. To maximize our time together, we'll provide you with a short worksheet to complete and email us prior to the call. We'll then review your goals and strategies to help you maximize your time and eat well! The purpose of the first session is to identify opportunities in your daily/weekly schedule to help save time and improve your eating habits (rather than focusing on nutrition therapy).
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy!! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact within 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Are you going to make me go on a diet?
Unless you have a medical necessity, we believe in more of a non-diet approach to healthy eating, which can be more impactful and manageable long-term. We also believe in eating the foods you love and offering flexibility in your choices. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting a new program.
Will this course guarantee I will get instant (health/weight) results?
We certainly hope our program will be able to set you up for the lifestyle you are hoping to achieve. However, without knowing your full medical and health history and conducting a thorough nutrition assessment, it's difficult to guarantee individual health/weight results. And, to be honest if a healthy eating course guaranteed instant results (other than finding joy, saving time and providing a LOT of valuable information and tools) you should be skeptical that the "instant results" would be sustainable for the long-haul. We truly are excited to have you participate in our course and want to give all the information we can to help you succeed in your journey!

Get started now!